We are a dependable supplier providing high quality metal finishings.


After a long history in the machining and manufacturing industry, we have seen firsthand the need for a dependable supplier that provides high quality and long-lasting metal finishing with quick turnaround times.

It is because of this need that we established Peregrine in 2016.


Our customers are anyone who requires high-quality metal finishing for a range of carbon and stainless steel products.

The most common product we process are industrial fittings and adapters that range in size and dimensions from 8oz up to 100lbs.


Our team takes great pride in our innovative approach to processing technically difficult products, as well as our product quality, turnaround time, customer service, and the range of processes that we offer. Our Certified Master Surface Finishers monitor daily production and personally inspect all orders. Our laboratory consists of skilled technicians with vast experience in plating and quality management.