Now, corrosion resistance coatings are more essential than ever. Over the years, zinc plating has been essential for a cheap protective coating on steel parts, but in the automotive world, the erosion-resistant values have skyrocketed. It may be preferable in applications where not all parts will be the same base metal.

It is common to use zinc-nickel plating on components made of carbon steel. It is ideal to find a reliable metal finishing service provider to take services like zinc-nickel plating and many others. Below you can see a surge in zinc-nickel plating utilization in rather than automotive industries due to its high standards.

Industries that Benefit from Zinc-Nickel Plating

There are many industries that want to know how to choose a zinc-nickel plating process that will suit their individual needs. Here are some industries that benefit from zinc-nickel plating, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Fasteners
  • Marine and Offshore
  • Industrial
  • Military

Comparing Zinc Nickel Plating to Standard Zinc Plating

Like anything else, there are some benefits of using zinc-nickel plating instead of zinc plating. Based on few important factors, including the distinctive requirements of your project or industry, and quality assurance standards, you can decide which zinc process benefits you more.

Pros of Zinc Nickel Plating

There are some pros of using zinc-nickel plating, including:

  • Superior Corrosion Protection: One of the biggest differences between zinc-nickel plating and zinc plating is that zinc-nickel plating can provide you up to four times better corrosion protection.
  • Excellent Adhesion Properties: With the innovative developments in zinc-nickel plating additives, the adhesion properties display some little differences from standard zinc plating.
  • Pronounced Hardness Level: The coating hardness of zinc-nickel plating is generally two times harder than standard zinc plating.

Quality Assurance and Standards

Whether you decide on zinc-nickel plating or standard zinc process, making sure it meets the corrosion needs and standards in your industry is essential to ensure customer satisfaction. You should also select a reliable metal finishing company that holds quality assurance and standards. Zinc-nickel provides superior corrosion protection compared to other techniques and also minimizes the use of harmful chemicals.

The Right Zinc-Nickel Plating Process for You

At last, it is what qualities you really need in corrosion performance vs. cost that will help you guide you to choose between either zinc-nickel plating or standard zinc plating. This is sometimes not an easy decision, so take the help of a professional is always a good idea.

The above-mentioned information will provide you the important statistics to pick the choice that works best for your industry, as well as particular needs. Peregrine Metal Finishing is one of the leading metal finishing companies that offer zinc-nickel plating, stainless steel passivation, shot peening, sandblasting, and many other services.