Sandblasting Services – Make Your Metal Surface Smooth and Rust-Free

Proper surface preparation is very crucial to make your metal parts and components durable. Sandblasting is an effective process to smooth a rough surface or roughen a smooth surface as per the projects’ precise needs.

Whether you need to remove rust from metal objects, clean it, give them a smooth texture, or prepare the surface for a coating, at Peregrine Metal Finishing, we get your job done with precision and excellence. From planning to delivery, we prototype and produce your product through the best route to offer superior outcomes.

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting is the process of forcibly pushing a stream of abrasive material against a part’s surface. It is commonly used as a part of the finishing procedure where materials from the object are removed from the material’s surface for coating purposes. Peregrine does not use sanddue to its silica content, which, when breathed by operators, can lead to serious illness of the respiratory system. Aluminum Oxide and Black Lightning are used for carbon steel parts. Black Lightning is a Tough, Clean, Economical Coal Slag Abrasive. Glass Bead is used for stainless steel parts.

Why Sandblasting is Used?

Sandblasting is a reliable practice to prepare a metal surface for bonding, adhesion, insert molding, painting, or other coating tasks or to achieve a specific surface texture. For instance, a matte finish texture of a metal surface instead of a shiny, smooth look.

This process is also used to remove burrs or edge profiling on parts and components or to remove rust and paint from fabricated objects.

What are the Advantages of Sandblasting?

Sandblasting can help to roughen the material’s surface, expanding its surface area and creating a large diameter in the treated areas. This feature increases the potential to precisely target a specific treatment area of the metal part in order to achieve the best surface modification results. Here are a few benefits of sandblasting:

  • Fairly simple with no long or strenuous process
  • Used for polishing, refining, removing contaminants, creating strong finished products, and more
  • Removes rust effectively
  • Peregrine uses environmental-friendly and non-toxic process
  • Excellent resultsto prepare a metal surface for bonding and coating

Get the Best Sandblasting Results at Peregrine Metal Finishing

Right from the beginning of your project to deliver a proper finished product, we provide genuine sandblasting services that meet or exceed all your metal fabrication requirements.

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