Shot Peening

Shot Peening – Effective Solution for Carbon and Stainless Steel Components

Shot peening is a cold work process used to develop a compressive residual stress layer to alter the mechanical properties of metal parts and components. It is typically used to boost and relieve surface stress, extend the life of a product, and replace the material with beneficial compressive stresses.

At Peregrine Metal Finishing, we provide reliable shot peening services for carbon and stainless steel parts thatremove rust particles from the surface of the parts. We follow shot peening practices to support a variety of industries such as automotive, steel, oil and gas and many more.

How does Shot Peening Process Work?

Shot peening is similar to shot blasting but instead of an abrasive process shot peening uses particles that act like a ball-peen hammer. Peregrine uses carbon steel shot for carbon steel parts and stainless steel shot for stainless steel parts. Two separate machines are utilized and dedicated to each type of metal parts. One of the goals of shot peening is to replace tensile stress with compressive stress thereby strengthening the part. It is the multiple indentations generated by the process which results in a compressive stressed layer on the surface of the metal.

Why Shot Peening is Used?

The major benefit of shot peening is to increase the service life of a component by developing an induced compressive layer. The process is also used to remove iron particles which form surface on the metal parts.

What are the Advantages of Shot Peening?

The process is a widely popular and relatively economical way to increase material’s effectiveness. Its benefits may include:

  • Relieves tensile stress of components
  • Accurate and controlled process
  • Improve the fatigue life of metal parts
  • Add more value to high-tech product
  • Adds durability, safety, and strength

How Shot Peening Can Help Improve Fatigue Strength?

This process is used commonly for a range of metal components such as shafts and bearings. It is used to enhance and stretch out the life span of materials. The compressive stress reduces the cracking damage which means the lifetime of the component is increased and fatigue failure is minimised.

Shot Peening Services – Quick Turnaround Times, Genuine Support

At Peregrine Metal Finishing, we use advanced machines and equipment for shot peening to improve the fatigue life of your metal components. We support critical components in several industries like automotive, power generation, oil and gas, and many more.

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