Zinc Nickel Plating

(Zn-Ni) Zinc Nickel Plating – Achieve Long-Term Corrosion Protection

When the traditional zinc plating process isn’t good enough, especially due to harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperatures, an advanced zinc nickel plating process is used on carbon steel products to meet corrosion protection and certain resistance requirements

What is Zinc Nickel Plating?

Zinc nickel plating is a coating used for the protection of steel, copper, iron, and brass. It is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to cadmium electroplating. Zinc nickel is typically a coating before the base material to mitigate corrosion that can be caused by the interaction of different metals.

As a leading zinc nickel plating company, we offer RoHS complaint post plate solutions with a purple/blue colour for improved corrosion protection, rust prevention, and other requirements. Zinc nickel plating is an effective and cost-effective coating with minimum environmental harm.

How does Zinc Nickel Plating Process Take Place?

It is a two-part process as it needs an electrical current to apply zinc nickel onto surfaces, followed by chromate conversion coating to prevent the layer of metal. The zinc nickel protects the components against corrosion while the chromate improves the performance of the metal finishing by protecting white rust formation.

What are the benefits of Zinc Nickel Plating?

  • Ideal for carbon steel components subject to harsh environmental conditions
  • Reduces thermal stress
  • Maintain the best corrosion protection even after being exposed to high temperatures
  • Improved heat resistance
  • The ductile coating helps maintain good adhesive after post-plate bending or forming
  • Offers a smooth, uniform, and durable coating with tight dimensional tolerance

Why Zinc Nickel Plating is Safer than Cadmium?

Electroplated zinc nickel deposits are widely used due to their potential to provide superior corrosion and rust protection when applied over carbon steel surfaces. On the other hand, cadmium has a slightly close sacrificial ability to steel and generally offers corrosion resistance in a salt water environment. However, cadmium has toxicity and thus, zinc nickel deposits are a more environment-friendly alternative.

Why Choose Us for Zinc Nickel Plating?

Whether you require zinc nickel plating or any other custom solutions, Peregrine Metal Finishing provides high-quality zinc nickel plating services to meet your corrosion and industry requirements. This process can be used for all industries, including automotive, mining, defense, etc.

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